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Erivo folding powerchair

Erivo folding power chair
Use – fold – store

The all new Erivo from Alber has everything you would need in a folding power chair and more.   Combining the simplicity and convenience of a folding design, the Erivo offers a powerful and stable drive provided by its large puncture proof, rear wheels, in-built suspension and nimble control empowered by its high specification electronics. 

A firm seat plate (many folding power chairs have a slung canvas) combined with its comfortable quality foam seat cushioning gives a comfortable position and helps to absorb uneven surfaces.   Ideal for
around town, shopping centres and even in paved parklands, the Erivo gives you the freedom and independence to get out and about with friends and family, and even keep up with the grandchildren.


Deposit = £250
Weekly hire: £75 per week
1-6 months: £225 per month
6 months +: £200 per month

Erivo for daily use and exploration

Key features include its impressive range of 11 miles (depending on external factors) and fast charging of only 6 hours (on or off board), meaning you can use the chair for daily use, and travel further afield at your leisure.   When not in use the Erivo folds quickly, easily and neatly into a compact free-standing unit.