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Invacare Orion Pro 8mph Mobility Scooter

Invacare Orion Pro mobility scooter

Scooter Type: Road Scooter

The Invacare Orion Pro is equipped with outstanding features that ensure enhanced performance. This mobility scooter is a powerful upgrade to the Orion Metro model. Orion Pro comes with improved battery performance, superior suspension and large 12” wheels. The advanced suspension system has been designed to bring better performance and give a smoother ride over a variety of surfaces and terrains. Also, the Orion Pro features a powerful motor and 12” pneumatic tyres – this provides users a safe and comfortable ride. 

The Invacare Orion Pro has undergone the German independent TÜV laboratory testing, which assures users that they are driving a scooter that adheres to the latest European Medical Device Standards. Additionally, an on-board electronic speed reduction system automatically reduces speed round bends, ensuring users are confidently making safe, comfortable manoeuvres. Moreover, a two-step disengaging lever prevents the scooter from free-wheeling if it is knocked out of drive mode.


Deposit = £200
Weekly hire: £80 per week
1-6 months: £200 per month
3 months +: £145 per month
Year Contract: £120 per month


  • Scooter Type: Road Scooter
  • Speed: 8mph / 12.87km/h
  • Max Range: 32miles / 51.50km
  • Battery Size: 75Ah
  • Overall Width: 65cm / 25.59in
  • Overall Length: 132cm / 51.97in
  • Seat Depth: 46cm / 18.11in
  • Seat Width: 51cm / 20.08in
  • Weight: 136kg / 21st 6lb
  • Weight Capacity: 160kg / 25st 3lb
  • Weight Of Heaviest Part: 62kg / 9st 11lb