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Invacare Comet Ultra 6mph Mobility Scooter

Invacare Comet Ultra mobility Scooter

Scooter Type: Road Scooter

The Invacare Comet Ultra mobility scooter is designed to provide a secure, supportive, and powerful driving experience to users. It is highly equipped with all of the safety and driving features of the Comet family. Looking to get a scooter that gets you to your destination in comfort and style? That’s just what the Invacare Comet Ultra offers you.

Comet Ultra also boasts of power, reliability, and customisation. It features a carefully thought out design process and robust construction that ensures safety and stability. Even users weighing up to 220kg are a great fit. Its high-quality components and safety features make Comet Ultra a dependable companion no matter where you go. More so, it is flexible and adaptable, so users can customise their scooter to suit individual preference.


Deposit = £200
Weekly hire: £100 per week
1-6 months: £240 per month
6 months +: £160 per month
Year Contract: £150 per month


  • Scooter Type: Road Scooter
  • Speed: 6mph / 9.66km/h
  • Max Range: 34miles / 54.72km
  • Battery Size: 75Ah
  • Overall Width: 66cm / 25.98in
  • Overall Length: 147.5cm / 58.07in
  • Seat Depth: 49cm / 19.29in
  • Seat Width: 51cm / 20.08in
  • Weight: 136kg / 21st 6lb
  • Weight Capacity: 222kg / 35st 3lb
  • Weight Of Heaviest Part: 84kg / 13st 3lb