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Pride Colt Deluxe

pride colt deluxe mobility scooter

The sleek, sporty 6 mph Colt Deluxe mobility scooter from the ‘Pride® Scooter’ range delivers smooth performance and all-new advanced standard features including front and rear suspension, high-visibility automatic brake lights, pneumatic tyres and feather-touch disassembly, an LED kerb light and a wraparound delta tiller.


  • Weight Capacity:28 Stone (181kg)
  • Max Speed: 6.25mph
  • Ground Clearance: 6.4cm (lowest point)
  • Overall Length: 120cm
  • Overall Width: 56cm
  • Drivetrain: 24v DC motor
  • Batteries: Two 12v 40ah
  • Range: 20 Miles approx.